The secret to a successful digital transformation? People.

Digital transformation is a buzzword familiar to many. It signifies a process that is underway in many industries today, digitalizing traditional business processes to take advantage of emerging technologies such as cloud computing, machine learning, and process automation, just to name a few.

Yet, this understanding of digital transformation implies that a company can simply implement the latest digital technology and they will be transformed.

The reality is, successful digital transformation is more about people than about technology. Technology can’t implement itself and technology alone will help your business transform its operations, and in some cases, its very business model, in order to thrive in the digital age.

To be successful, business leaders must understand that digital transformation requires a fundamental rethinking of your employees behaviors, as well as organizational design and internal processes.

To help, I have compiled several articles below that explain how leaders can create success in their businesses through the people around them, not just the technology they use.

Feel free to reach out with any comments, or if there are any key articles on this topic I have missed.

Digital transformation is human transformation

By @Digitaltonto

Utilizing technology effectively is imperative if you want to stand a chance in a competitive marketplace. But, having the latest technology at your organization and being successful with it are two different things. In this article by Greg Satell, he discusses “managing the cultural and organizational challenges” with people, and how that will create technological success. Read more.

Hacking the human side of digital transformation

By @jbberlin

Change is hard. Our brains are wired to like what’s comfortable, even if it means being stuck and not progressing. In this article, Johann Berlin discusses how human resistance to change can impact digital transformation projects. Berlin believes building the right team rituals in business can create stability during technological change and uncertainty. Read more.

Breaking down the 6 pillars of digital transformation from the CEO’s perspective

By @danielnewmanUV

As a CEO, there are many responsibilities to take on if you want your business to succeed. Particularly, you must take the reins if you want your company to have a successful digital transformation. Daniel Newman discusses how CEO’s can have digital transformation success through 6 pillars: culture, customer experience, people, innovation, change, and leadership. Read more.

CIOs need to consider the human side of digital transformation

By @zkerravala

“Digital transformation is happening faster than ever, putting pressure on IT to change,” says Zeus Kerravala, CIO of ZK Research. These changes that we are expecting to see from IT cannot happen with digital transformation alone – human expertise is crucial. Kerravala highlights 5 areas in which CIOs are noticing a human talent shortage, including data analytics, AI, and cybersecurity, and how employees can fine tune their skills to find digital success. Read more.

How to get digital transformation right? Don’t just focus on the technology

By @AmityMillhiser

Digital transformation has become a priority for many companies, but fewer are having success with it. The focus is too much on the end game and not enough on the journey to get there. Amity Millhiser notes that the thousands of small-steps with co-workers and clients is what it takes to reach your goals. She highlights 3 important steps to help you achieve successful digital transformation, including bringing people on your journey, listening to customers, and leading with value and purpose. Read more.

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